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I can’t take the pain
of losing you over and over again
Every time I think you’re by my side
I turn and you’re not there
You’re out with the girls out on the town
You’re at the bar and you’re slowing down
I hear all the stories
But I wish I could never hear a sign

I turned on the radio
And I drove right through the night
I’ve racked up more than a million miles
Let the sun burn through my sight
I’ve spent six days counting the stars
on Sunset Blvd
But I know you well enough to know
you don’t know who you are

You’ve got a long way to go
A long way to go

You’re a liar and a lover
And you cheat right through the night
And in the day you lose the lover
In a knock down drag out fight
But I have seen the tricks of your trade
And you know you don’t fool me
Any more than you could talk a prisoner
Into thinking that he’s free

And your broken heart is bleeding
And it’s soaked you to the bone
To know your time is quickly fleeing
And you might end up alone
But you cant control your expression
So they know the signs real well
And she’s leaving with the secrets
She didn’t trust you enough to tell

You’ve got a long way to go
A long way to go
You’ve got a long way to go
A long way to go




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Brian Franklin Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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