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Mr. Baker where’s your daughter gone
One day she’s here and the next day she’s gone
She never liked the way you picked her friends
She ran away to find some happiness

Mr. Baker what’s the latest news
She sent you postcards up from Santa Cruz
Said she hopes to find a job and maybe make some friends
But Bobby treats her right and she’s in love with him

Well why don’t you come out and say it
You don’t like life when you're not in it
You always thought he was so lazy
Some days the world can make you crazy

You fought the war against the communists
You pulled a gun and then you killed real quick
Came home to work until you could invest
You tried to buy a little happiness

Well why don’t you just admit it
When you want something you just take it
When you're angry you just break it
Some days the world can make you crazy

And you're starting to feel that you’ve lost control
The more you pulled the reigns the more the seem to go
And no ones listening to a word you're saying
Some days the world can make you crazy




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Brian Franklin Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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