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Broken streams feed broken minds
You were broken in
By the time I saw your eyes

You were standing on the hood of your half-broke car
Yeah the windshield starred spidered moonlight

Starred windshields don't stop you
From driving along
Banging dividers
And aiming for trees

You've broke into bottles
Pilfering wine
'til you could see right through to me

Yeah someday lady when you break down
I'll try to fix you up
When you drop your glass on the hard wood floor
I'll give you another cup
I am the mechanic of love

There's a spark, spark white
Light on my glass
It's a sign that there's still hope

If we could pull these parts together
In time, before you have to go

In a cloud of smoke and burning oil
And a crash five miles from here

They always hit too close to home
The always sound too near

Yeah someday lady when you break down
I'll try to fix you up
When you're running rough and your wheels don't grip
I'll try to rev you up
I am the mechanic of love

In the shops your welded bones still flex
In sharp turns and hair pins
And hard rights and lefts
I'm still waiting on the warehouse
To deliver the rest
I'm going to raise you up
I'm going to do my best

I am the mechanic of love




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Brian Franklin Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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