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I read the latest tragic stories
Drank my coffee and ignored it
Took a sip and drove my car,
the world spun round and not that hard
I fell into another weekday
A nod to men and smiles to ladies
My progress measured by the daring feat o
f not been given warning

And aren’t we all happy now?
Happily sedated
My glass is full my tv shouts
Happily sedated

I woke from bed and felt the future
Full of creaks and holes and sutures
Ten more years that ended in ten
more pounds and tons of sin
My child is blissfully unaware
To him, the world don’t crush or stare
No market bombs, no chains or tethers
The only thunder is the weather

And all my visions turn to noise
Happily sedated
Lost in all the bills and toys
Happily sedated
No time to hear, no one to fight
Happily sedated
Where’s my song to wield tonight
Happily sedated

And there’s someone inside of me I no longer know
He’s pulling me apart from me, bone by bone
And everybody’s watching
As everybody’s freezing
And everybody’s standing by
You feel the slap in the face, and the effortless tries and
If I could only just warm up
If I could only just warm up




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Brian Franklin Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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