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Every day you paint your eyes real bright
And you crawl your way to school
To your seat near the corner
Where you can sit and just cool off
But your suicidal girlfriends
Come complaining again
About how life ain’t worth living if their boyfriends ain’t with them

And you feel like Chicken Little
As the walls come in to meet you
They always come to meet you
Before the day is through
And they find you in a classroom
Huddled in a corner
You tell them you were dizzy and
Then you’re on your way

Little Mary on the Corner
Doesn’t step into the street you tell me
God’s been disconnected
Little Mary on the Corner
Doesn’t wait for a sign
Holds the cup out in the air and drinks to her demise

Drinkin’ rain cause it’s clearer than the faucet
Drinkin’ rain cause you like the carcinogens
It reminds you of the factories where your
Father always worked in
Where he’d come home just to go out
and come back to throw his punches


And you know I’ll always care about you
And you know I’ll always want the best for you
And she said, Save me.
And all she said was, Save me

And your mother doesn’t know you
You’ve been cut off of your inheritence
Cause you refused quite loudly
The passed on family debt
And you take drugs to you see colors
And you drink until your blind
And the pebbles start to fill up
All the caverns in your mind





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Brian Franklin Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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