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I've been scheming while
you've been sleeping
We've been holding these
hearts we've stolen
Questions answered
and voids we're filling
the rising of eyes
and the sadness we're killing
Just spend the night
even though this damn room
Will spin towards the light
and tomorrow too soon

You be the saint and
I'll be the savior
Then reverse and
return the favor
Cast your old clothes
into the fire
Damned by lost friends
But warmed by desire
The only restraint
is my arm round your side
Pulling you towards me for one more night

In this bar, I'm teasing now, your accent kicks, my eyes just start
my hands just fit around this glass, we take it slow and make it last
the eyes come up as we laugh and laugh and

You've been calling, and I've been holding
we've been betting
that they start folding
I've been traveling
and you've been waiting
for the calming of nerves
the anticipating
the landing of planes
and the pull of the gate
and the closer I get
the more it seems like fate
And later on
when the light starts streaming
You're still sleeping
but I've been dreaming




all rights reserved


Brian Franklin Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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