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You got a face full of regret
They got a face full of a smile
You get to carry the extra baggage]
They get to tip you and walk by
And it wouldn’t have hurt so bad
If you hadn’t been right there before
With a five spot in your hand
And the beggars at the door.

All the lies they believed them
While you stood there on the stage
And when the Jane Street Theater spotlight broke
You caught a heel on a venting grate
And you fell, and you fell
And no one in the band stopped you
Yeah you fell, you fell
And the orchestra pit caught you

All the fine girls up on the screen
And you, you ain’t half the dream you dreamed
You, you ain’t half the dream

Ain’t that a pretty dress.
Whoa, and look at that new suit
When you see the light glint off the silken threads
There ain’t no way a man can lose

But a coal mine’s not the place for a party
And this is not a good month to act cute
When you pull the pay check from your pocket
Yeah - That’s when you’ll get your soup

I’m here to tell you, it’s been written
Time and time again.
You turn a blind eye to the losers
You’ll never see it when they win
On the shores of the East Atlantic
They’ve stolen all your lines
And left you with a useless script
To a show behind the times

And as everyone watches on the screen,
There’s you - you ain’t half the dream you dreamed
You, You ain’t half the dream you dreamed

And your stock won’t buy redemption
And your faith won’t buy forgiveness
And your word won’t buy a widow
And your fall won’t end my sorrow




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Brian Franklin Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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